Xiaomi officials confirms Mi Mix 4 is not coming in the markets

Xiaomi officials confirms Mi Mix 4 is not coming in the markets

 3 weeks ago

Xiaomi officials confirm Mi Mix 4 is not coming in the Markets

Last week we all were expecting that Xiaomi will launch Mi Mix 4 with Mi 9 Pro both with 5G capabilities. But all of sudden Xiaomi changed the game by only presenting the concept of Mi Mix 4. The presentation was given by Lie Jun who is Co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi Inc.

From the last week, some people are posting the pictures of concept Mi Mix 4. While on the other hand people liked the concept and asking the company officials to launch the phone as soon as possible. So, one of the company officials cleared the air by presenting the concept. He also said there is the only single model in the queue to come that is Mi Mix Alpha.

Mi Mix 4

Mi Mix 4

He also cleared that the name that is being rumored in the market “Mi Mix 4” is not same as Mi Mix Alpha so don’t mix two models with the same name. Meanwhile, brand promotion manager also presented the all-new official introduction of MIUI 11 and one TV set.


Xiaomi always mixes their naming convention and launch something new every time like Xiaomi launched the first Mi Mix with no bezels and a piezoelectric speaker. No Xiaomi officials are claiming that Mi mix Alpha will come with 108 Mega Pixels. It will also have a 180% screen to body ratio that is quite astonishing for most of the people. Because most famous brands like Samsung and Apple did not claim anything like this. So, people are much eager to watch this phone at any time in the market.

Mi Mix 4

But there is one bad news for the fans of Mi Mix Alpha and that is the price tag of 2800 dollars or 2500 euros. Which means most of the people cannot afford this flagship model.

People are also criticizing the pricing policy by comparing it with Huawei Mate x which has almost 200% screen to body ratio when you unfold it.

Mi Mix 4

Note: Huawei Mate X is also in the launching phase and can be seen any time soon in the markets.

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