Apple Skirts Tech Craving Issue in Response to Anxious Investors

Apple Skirts Tech Craving Issue in Response to Anxious Investors

On monday Apple responded to a letter that is written by an investor of comapny to address the negative impact of apple products (iPhone) on teens.Though company provides number of controls to parents to filter content : this address the investor's concern. 

California State Teachers Retirement System, which invested about US$ 2 billion in Apple. On saturday they write a letter to company(Apple) to provide more options to its customers so that they can easily use Apple products in an optimal manner.

There is number of evidences that prove that frequent use of Apple products by teenagers could have negative effect. (Said by letter writer).

Avergae european teenager got his/her first iphone at the age of 10 and spent almost 4.5 hours of dat while using it. - Excluding texting and talking. Said by letter writer.

Figures say that 78% teens check their phones hourly and 50% reported addicted to use phones- he added.

It would disobey common sense that if a child whose brain is developing would use this much phone will must have some impact on his/her health. 

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Apple Responds

Apple said that it looks at both sides and manage intrests of both sides including teens and adults while designing products. They further said that it is already implemented in the company's operating system to monitor child activity and screen content including text, audio, movies, books and games.(Answered by Apple)

Parents can also blockl the usage of cellular data or they can control passwords. Even they can block kids from accessing anything which is online. They said in the statement that they clearly mention the age limit on each and every content to help the parents and they keep bad things such as pornography out of its curated platform.

In addition the company promised to add more features and functionality to control the children in the future.

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